Distressed Debt Securities Newsletter

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The Distressed Debt Securities Newsletter is a monthly report on municipal, corporate and international debt in default. It provides listings and descriptions of new defaults as well as updates on past defaults, bankruptcy court updates and default settlement details. Also included are bond downgrades affecting issues near default, a list of default candidates and pricing on defaulted and bankrupt bonds that still trade.

Over 200 bond issues totaling some $20 to $50 billion default in a typical year. In addition, there are 300-500 defaulted and bankrupt issues still unsettled. This is the only publication that tracks and reports on these issues. Through its database of default details on over 4000 defaults since 1980, ISA provides a comprehensive overview and customized research in addition to current updates.

In conjunction with the newsletter, ISA also maintains a website on Florida Community Development Districts in default. See www.floridacddreport.com for details. ISA also maintains default update information as well as worldwide reporting on distressed companies on the Bloomberg Financial System at <BIA>.

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